Monday, October 29, 2007

Wireless Speakers

The temperatures are going down and a cool breeze is blowing. The leaves are turning and churches all across the land fire up the fun for the Fall Festival. Since Lake Pointe is a large church they like to do this big and why not, this is Texas after all.
Our job was to cover about 6 acres of parking lot with audio. Since I am the new guy I was there as general labor and had a great time hanging out with all my new friends. In order to cover that much ground on a temporary basis, we used clusters of 2 or 3 powered EV speakers being feed audio via a standard wireless microphone receivers.

The audio was transmitted with an IEM system. We just pulled power to the different clusters around the parking lot. The systems were all set to the same frequency and we turned off the pilot tone feature. A little help from a Professional Wireless Helical Antenna and we had audio everywhere with no dropouts.


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