Friday, June 29, 2007

The Buzz

I'm not the first and probably not the last to blog about Buzz 07. I got to meet a few of my favorite bloggers today at Buzz 07, to many to name actually. You can see who the main speakers were and take it from there. Now I'm NOT a morning person but I managed to get up and leave my house before 6am and make the trip into DC in order to go to the early morning Bloggers Breakfast session with Tony Morgan. He discussed the 10 reasons to stop blogging. I already knew I was mostly clueless about blogging and writting in general and Tony helped to reinforce that in me. I have much to learn.

Know your primary audience
Stay Positive
Don't make long posts (ug, I stink at this)

Much more of course but those stuck out to me.

Craig Groeschel just plain brought it today. This guy just rocked my world and I am pretty sure EVERYONE else in the room as well. Considering there were no slouches when it comes to leadership there that is saying something. My senior pastor Kent, our new associate pastor Rod and I were all there and came away feeling like he was talking right at us. God knew what we needed to hear and Craig said it. He wrote a book called "The Confessions of a Pastor" not long ago and here are some highlights as he continues those thoughts and I suspect you may see very similar lists from all those that attended. I must admit that this list just rings with me. The journey is life long as Kent told me today.

New confession: "I am a practical atheist." I believe God exists, but I live like I believe He doesn't (and I do ministry as though I believe He doesn't)

Practical atheism leads us to rely more on our own efforts than on God's power.

Practical atheism makes us believe that our private life won't affect our ministry.

It just takes 1 thing to take us out. What is the one thing that can take you out?

Use culture to hook people, but keep God's truth thru scripture as the most important thing.

Step into authentic confession. Confess to God for forgiveness, but confess to people for healing. (wow)

He finished up by say he is a recovering practical atheist. He is totally in love with Jesus, but recognizes that one slip can put him back off the wagon so to speak.

Thanks to Mark Batterson, who also spoke right to my heart, and all the amazing volunteers and staff and National Community Church for hosting such a great conference.

I may share some geek stuff about the 2 venues that were used as a part of the conference later.


Blogger Tyler said...

Thanks for sharing your notes. I was at Buzz as well, and I took the best notes I could, but It seemed like everything that was said was noteworthy. You've got a couple things I missed, and with the overload the last two days I am thankful to have others like you to share what they took. I posted my notes as well that you might find helpful. I plan on posting my thoughts after I've had more time to process.

6/30/2007 09:07:00 PM  

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