Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting in Sync Part 2

**Begin Nerd Speak***

After recording our services last week via the new Motu/Digital Performer rig, I listened to all of it back and am happy to report that the lovely pops and crackles seem to be gone. There is still a signigicant learning curve for me and DP, but I'm making progress quickly. I mixed a song using some of the internal processing and BLARG, the compressors in Performer are sad. I'm going to try using the MasterWorks comps instead and see if they sound better. My fear is that they will eat so much CPU power that I may create problems. Some of what I am hearing is the console I realize but, my mixes from FOH sound better so far. Just need to find the groove. Despite the initial hickups and the inevitable "I sure wish I could do..." type of things, I am confident that between myself and my team we will crack this nut and give ourselves great opprotunities to have quality recordings of our services.

Continuing with the nerd speak, head over to Dave Rat's blog and check out his ideas and practices on sub cannons (and flying to Japan).


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