Monday, February 26, 2007

Time to upgrade

A couple of weeks ago on Sunday morning I was getting some final preparations done on stage before the worship team arrived. It was around 7:30am and one of my tech team members asks from the booth, “Jason, are you done working on the computer in here?” Hmmm…that doesn’t sound good I thought. Some quick investigation revealed the computer we use to project words and backgrounds had its cover off and parts missing. Someone had taken the CPU and left the fan, the video card, the memory, a wireless networking card, and the better of the 2 hard drives in the computer. All parts small enough to fit in a coat pocket with ease. This person knew exactly what they were doing. This was not a random act.
Passing by distraught mode and zooming thru panic, I quickly decided I needed to take the computer from my office and make it work. Our wonderful IT director, Glenn, stepped in to make things happen. Thankfully we keep a copy of our song database and the files for each Sunday on the network. By 8:45 things were back up and running. Whew! On the plus side, it was time for an upgrade in the computer anyway.
We decided to not change the motherboard as it is a very nice one but put a new processor and better video card in it. Now, its all spanking new and runs fantastic with its new AMD FX-57 processor and Nvidia GF7600GT video card. (Hmmm… wonder what ConterStrike would look like on the big screens and sound like in our big system.)
Glenn and I discussed several options in moving forward to prevent such things happening in the future. Obviously, locking all the worship center doors would be a primary option, but due to circumstances out of my or his control that is not an option right now. We came up with an ingenious idea.

There are two locks mounted thru the case to prevent the side from being removed as well as a braided steel cable attached to one of the locks on the inside running out the back to be attached to the wall in the booth.

Now, where did I put that CounterStrike CD...


Blogger byron said...

Looks sharp, although I'd forget the combination after about a week... :)

2/27/2007 03:03:00 PM  

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