Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lake Pointe Live 08

We recently recorded a live worship project at our new Firewheel campus. It was two nights of fantastic worship from which we will create a CD. I was extremely pleased with the way the system sounded at the event. We had a lot of time to dial in every little part and were using a few microphones from the recording engineer Randy Adams collection that made a real difference. It sounded like what you would expect from a Meyer line array and a Venue console. I remember thinking, "THIS is what live audio should sound like!"

Since we do not have the ProTools option on our Venue, Randy brought in his portable recording system and setup in a room behind the stage. He has a mighty fine collection of mic pres and EQs. (drool... Avalon, API, Focusrite)

With all that gear, no console is needed. Just a Mac and a ProTools HD system running 24/96 to capture all those channels.

I have listened to some of the tracks with no processing of any kind on them, just a basic mix from ProTools and they sound very good. Looks like we will have a finished product in August.


Blogger Byron said...

Congratulations! Gonna comp me a copy? "For educational purposes," you see...


6/20/2008 07:44:00 AM  

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