Monday, April 28, 2008

Sennheiser comes to visit

A few days ago, Sennheiser came to visit Lake Pointe. We use a large number of their products and have a good relationship with them. The will be using Lake Pointe for some promotional material. They left us with some new toys...

... a full set of e900 series mics. This weekend I had a chance to work with the new drum mics and guitar amp mics as I was mixing in our broadcast studio. We have been using a combination of Sennheiser and Shure mics on drums and amps. Here are my thoughts on the e900 series vs what we had used before.

The e905 on snare is simply amazing. This is the best sounding snare mic I have ever used. It sounds much closer to what I hear when I am sitting behind the snare playing it. I am very impressed. We had been using a Beta57.
The e902 is a better sounding mic than the e602 we had been using. There was considerable EQ on the 602 that I was able to dial back to a more reasonable place both on the top end, around 3k, and on the low end, about 90hz. The mic seems more responsive to the dynamics of the kick. Less EQ and get a better sound = win. I definitely like the 902 way better than the AKG D112 or the Beta52. I have been a HUGE fan of the Audix D6 for several years, the 902 approaches the standard set by the D6.
The e904 has a more natural tone than the SM98 on toms. I found a more round sounding mic with less attack, which I like on toms. The 904 gave me what I want when it comes to dynamics. For some reason I don't like the way most of the small condenser drum mics sound. I would love to try Dave's method with the Shure KSM44, but for the price the 904 is hard to beat.
The e914s replaced a set of SM81's for overheads. The 914 continues the theme with the other 900 series in having a smoother response particularly in the extended high end. They can't match AKG 414 for sheer "wow" for overheads but I do like them better than the SM81 we have been using.
Last up, the e906 for guitar amps. We have used SM57's, Beta57's, e609, and 414's on amp cabinets. The 906 is significantly better than all of those except the 414. It has the punch and clear tone you expect from a guitar amp. Our guitarist this weekend noticed the difference and was very happy. I was able to have nearly flat EQ on his channel and got the best guitar sound since I've been at LP. No doubt its worth the money if you are in the market for one.

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Blogger Dave said...

You know it's funny, but I'm probably moving towards using 421's on toms now. We've had them for the last couple weeks, and this week I'm going to get a lot of time with them, and I'll make up my mind.

I'm with you on the 906's. I just replaced our 609's with them. I tried the 905 on snare, and actually ended up going the opposite direction to the beta57. Go figure.

4/28/2008 08:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Jim said...

I just upgraded my guitar amp mic to the 906 from a SM57. I like the 906 much better. Very full tone and nearly flat EQ at the FOH console.

4/29/2008 11:54:00 AM  

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