Saturday, January 13, 2007

Only One Life

Whew... the holidays are over and a new year begins. I'll start off the year with a video about the importance of making your life count. We will be using this video on Sunday as a part of the message. I think it turned out pretty well. Its to bad that this small format and low quality doesn't reflect some of the subtle effects that were added to the video to make it look more "old film" look. Sony Vegas is simply wonderful.

**Begin Nerd Speak**
The video was done with 2 Panasonic AG-DVX100 cameras, one on tripod, one handheld. My great assist tech dude Jeremy was along to handle camera 2 for B roll footage. I used a small Audix mic that was actually taped to his shirt just under the jacket. It was a very windy day but you can't hear any of the wind in the video. I was rather pleased with the audio portion as well. I didn't have any trouble syncing up the 2 camera shots either. I simply made sure the second camera had its internal mic turned on and lined up the audio of the 2 cameras in Sony Vegas. Then I was able to do all the edits and not worry about the audio and video staying together. Pretty simple really. The music track is a custom mix of some tracks from the Digital Juice collection.
**End Nerd Speak**

So how did we do?


Blogger Unknown said...

Okay, should I be concerned that I actually understood the "nerd speak"? Maybe all the things B has taught me are actually sinking in!
Great video and may I say, we are envious of your equipment (we would just like one good video camera!).
Keep up the great work!

1/23/2007 11:33:00 PM  

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