Friday, January 26, 2007

God's Amazing Work

I wanted to try to catch up a little tonight on watching other chruches services. I find it a wonderful refresh since I can just enjoy the service and not think about all the stuff. As I watched services from both Granger and NewSpring, I was suddenly just awestruck by the song selection. Both of those church this past weekend did Everlasting God and so did we! Newspring also did Jesus Paid it All exactly like we did recently. It just shows me how God is using music to reach his people. There is no doubt that those two churches using that song and CFC using it all on the same weekend, and I'm sure many more, was the hand of God working in the hearts of so many worship leaders. I've believed for many years that worship was one of the most powerful ways that people can experience God, even for those who are not followers of Christ. There is just something about music that stirs the soul. Its just so cool when I find things like this that continue to show me just how big God is and how strong his will is influencing those who choose to listen.


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