Friday, October 27, 2006

Weekend Video

I put together a video to support our weekend services. We are doing a series called Contagious Generosity based around Barry Cameron's book of the same title. Pastor Cameron came and started our series a few weeks back. You can listen to the series so far at the CFC webiste.
The video was done using Sony Vegas 6.0. The photos are from our stock photo library and the music was a mix I did with some of the Digital Juice Stacktraxx. If you have never used the Stacktraxx software I highly reccommend it. There are 17 volumes of music that you can buy. Each one comes with up to 40 songs. Each song has been cut in a full version, normally 3 to 4 minutes, and a 60, 30, 15, and 10 second version. Best of all is that every song can be rendered into its separate tracks so you can mix it the way you want.

I do have a very nice Mac G5 dual processor system in my office loaded with OSX 10.4 and Final Cut Studio HD. I've spent probably 80-100 hours working in FC using some of the Apple training materials and a couple of small projects. In general it is a good editor as everyone in the world will tell you, however, Vegas is much faster, way easier to use, has a simplier effects system, full scale real time color correction, and better real time processing. I do understand that the new version has added many of these features and I did actually order it this week. I will certainly give it more time, but honestly, I don't see what the fuss is about. Anyway, not trying to bash here, just letting you know where I am with video.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicely done! I'm longing for the day when I can get my hands on some good stock photography like that. For now I depend on a lot. I've looked at the Stacktraxx also, but again we can't come up with the cash...

10/29/2006 03:21:00 PM  

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