Monday, October 23, 2006


Words don't do it justice. They can't describe how blessed I feel to work with the volunteer team God put in place around me. These are some great people! Yesterday was one of those days. We had a number of technical cues, more than our usual Sunday. We had some computer problems with the video system we use and it just creates a more stressful situation than I want for my team. The team just stepped up to the plate and got things going very fast and with no help from me. Not just our video guys, but the sound guy as well. As I was making my way to the video room to help them, I knew that our sound guy for the morning would keep things running smooth. What relief it is to know I work with such great people. People that are passionate about the technical arts and strive for excellence in what they do. I often say that there is no glory in what we do. And yet, the team shows up each week and does such a great job. Thanks guys, you make me look better than I am.


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