Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drum mic'ing and mixing

Thursday night at 10pm eastern, 9 central, Mike Sessler, Dave Stagl and I are hosting another TokBox session on drum micing and mixing. I am planning on stealing all of Dave’s tricks. (shhh… don’t tell him). All of us plan to post the link a few minutes before start time and also Tweet it.

All of you are smart tech people so here is the deal. TokBox is a wonderful tool, but must be used properly. First get some headphones, use your iPod ears, something, but no open speakers, can you say feedback? Second, when you join the session please look at your window in the upper right corner you will see a mic icon. Please click the icon to mute your mic until you have something to say. We really don’t want to hear you munchin’ on snacks while we are talking. You do not need to have a webcam to join us, you can just do the audio side if you wish.

An interesting thing happened last time we did this. I reconnected with a cousin of mine, John David Boring. We had not seen each other in years. You never know what might happen.


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