Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Functional Social Networking

Yesterday a group of local church tech guys gathered for lunch. It was a great time to catch up and learn what everyone is doing and where they are going. I got some good tips from Tom at Bent Tree about resolving some issues we had on our Venue. Learned about construction projects going on for several other churches and had a great time. We talked about the 700 Mhz band issues. There are some church leaders out there that are sticking their heads in the sand and not preparing for the coming storm. Especially in big metro areas like Dallas, I feel for these guys who are going to have to deal with some hard services in a few weeks (40 days) when things stop working. I'm praying for you.

There were seven of us from four different churches and one from Worship House Media. In putting this together there were no emails, no phone calls, only Twitter and Facebook updates. I was curious if anyone would show to be honest. If you have any doubts of the power of these social networking tools put them aside and jump on board. Its such a great way to communicate. Bobby Gruenewald posted a story about going mobile over on Swerve. With the tie in of Twitter and Facebook to cell phones via text messages, it reinforces the Church's need to keep up with new communication technologies.

How are you or your church leveraging these technologies to reach people?


Anonymous Scott Bradford said...

Okay I am gonna say since no one else has. did you notice that you spelled "functional" wrong? And its really hard (or funny) to say it the way you did spell it.... im just saying.... :)

1/28/2009 05:40:00 PM  

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