Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moving day

We made a decision to move our FOH console to the other side of our booth in the main auditorium a couple weeks ago. The decision was based on our observance that several of our regular audio mixers were running the top end a bit on the harsh side. We have determined that there must be a high frequency drop out right at the FOH position. It just happens that the other side of the both is right in front of a delay box that sounds good. By moving the console to the other side of the booth, our operators are in the direct line of a speaker that is tuned correctly. The hope is that we will get a better mix. Damon and I did a good bit of planning and got all the things we needed to make it happen.

The move was a rather daunting task. It took 3 people most of a day to move the console and connect all the new snake extension lines. We also moved one rack full of outboard gear, compressors and EFX to a new rack that sits next to the console. All the playback devices and wireless receivers are staying put. We rarely use them for a service anyway and we have a wired remote attached to the CD player that works at the new console position so if needed we can still start a CD playback. I actually like the new position a lot more than the old one just from a line of sight stand point. It just feels better. Even when we redo the system I think we will leave the console in that position.

It has been known for a while that we are in desperate need to replaced our old speakers. We have been working with our friends at Clark ProMedia on a plan to upgrade, but as you can imagine it is very expensive and since we were forced to replace all our wireless gear recently, its going to be after the first of the year before we can make any significant move on the new system.


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That's a good question man. The odd thing is it's the only tire that looks like that. The other rear tire looks fine. Also another strange thing, the tire was only messed up on one side. Guess I'll never know.

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