Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Webinar & Wireless

Coming up Friday night, Jan 29th, at 10pm eastern/9 central, Dave, Mike and I are hosting our now monthly webinar. This month Bob Nahrstadt will be joining us to discuss system design. We'll also talk about when to hire a consultant, what to look for in a consultant and the questions you should be asking as your work on designs for your system. I hope you will join us. If you are real nice to Mike, you might get him to tell some stories about his current installation. I promise you will get a good laugh. As always we will all twitter the TokBox link a few minutes before start time.

Begin Nerd Speak
Last week the FCC finally made it official, no more wireless mics in the 700Mhz range. You have until June 10, 2010 to stop using all wireless from 698 - 806 Mhz. Hopefully you knew this was coming. At least you still have a few months to deal with changing things out. Please take the time to talk to your leadership. Help them understand the importance of upgrading your wireless systems. Most of the manufacturers have extended their trade-in programs. Time to take advantage of them. I'm glad to try and answer any questions you might have in this matter.

Look forward to seeing you on Friday night.