Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The new diggs

Our new campus is nearing completion. Everyone is excited to get things open and see people have life changing experiences. This was my first opprotunity to see the place and its looking good. Its nice to be able to step in at this point and make changes now rather than getting in and realizing we should have done something else. Mostly, its small changes that needed some tweaking. The team from Clark Pro Media is pretty amazing. Wes mentioned that this was by far the easiet construction project he has ever done. There is a reason Clark is getting work from so many big churches around the country.

The line array in the main auditorium is the baby Meyer boxes. We will be using the Digidesign Venue for the FOH console. The plan is to use this new system to not only to meet the needs of the new campus but as a test application in order to upgrade our main campus auditorium with the same basic gear. We would probably move up to the MICA boxes but they are very similar given the different size of the auditoriums. I'm with Dave, this is the year of the system. I'm sure the Clark team will get us started in a good place but the new campus will require a good bit of time to get dialed in correctly. Its good for me and the team to work on these projects. It makes us all better.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Things musicians say

Sometimes a musician will say something that makes me go huh? It happened again this weekend when one of our electric guitarists couldn't get any sound from his amp. Clint is one of the tech guys who stepped in to help and the conversation went like this...

JEFF: Hey, it works! What did you do?
CLINT: Nothing... I'm just looking at it.
JEFF: Well, keep looking!

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy my job?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Man Church

Tonight was fun. Our men's ministry is a little different, we have MAN CHURCH and it really is a great time.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Director's Cut - Christmas Eve

Wes Hartley put together a video of behind the scenes from our Christmas eve service. I was out of the country when this was done so you won't see me anywhere. Wes says he works with a great team, I totally agree.

Friday, January 04, 2008

The end is near

For a long time now I have told everyone I know that if they wanted a high definition DVD player to buy Blu-Ray. Some time ago, Blockbuster announced they would only carry Blu-Ray in their stores. And now, Warner Brothers has joined the Blu-Ray exclusive camp along with most of the other major studios. This should end the format war soon, and I am certainly glad of that. Sure hope you didn't end up with one of those $99 HD-DVDs from Walmart for Christmas.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas revisited

I've been out for the last week and have not been able to post this yet. If you would like to see our Christmas service in its entirety, you may check it out here. Watch till the very end to enjoy some funny out takes of the JTM.