Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Webinar

We're back. Coming April 23rd Mike, Dave, and I will be doing the next webinar. This month we are talking about strategies for your upgrade proposals. Both Dave and I have been thru major upgrades recently and Mike is about to do several big projects. We think you will gain some insights into making your presentation more agreeable to your leadership. Hope you will join us on our Live Stream channel at 10pm EDT/9CDT. See ya then.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Faith Story/Beautiful Things

Here is a story of faith we did for Easter. It flows into some cardboard testimonies we did at all our campus locations the previous weeks before Easter. I work with Kevin everyday and know what a great guy he is. It was awesome for him to share his story with everyone. Again, all the video for Kevin's story was shot with a Canon 5D Mk. II. Love the options a DSLR gives us for video.

Easter 2010

Our worship pastor, Danny Davis, put together this mashup for our Easter opener. The video was shot in and around Dallas with a Canon 5D Mk II camera. You can see more of the video on the screens in the background during the song. This was a lot of fun to do live.

I'm working on getting another piece put together and hope to get it posted soon.